BED j.w. FORDBED j.w. FORD/ベッドフォード


山岸 慎平Shinpei Yamagishi

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高校卒業後上京し、古着屋にて企画、バイイングなどを経験。その後、アパレル会社にて企画アシスタント、販売、PR業務に携わる。2010年に代表の高坂圭輔と共にアパレルブランドBED j.w. FORDを立ち上げる。

After graduating from high school, Shinpei started working at a vintage store where he gained experience in buying and product planning. After that, he worked at a menswear brand where his roles included salesperson, assistant product manager, and PR manager. In 2010, he started BED j.w. FORD with Keisuke Kosaka.

Brand Profile

2010年7月株式会社バースリー設立。ブランドBED j.w. FORDを立ち上げる。2011 S/Sより展示会方式にてコレクションを発表。“着飾る”をコンセプトに生活の中にある物事で美しさ、儚さを感じられる空間やモノ、音や映像をブランドの解釈で形を変え毎シーズンテーマを設けてコレクションを発表している。

Established in 2010
BIRTHLY CO., LTD was established in 2010 with the foundation of BED j.w. FORD. BED j.w. FORD began showing collections with their 2011 S/S exhibition. BED j.w. FORD is based on the concept of “dressing up”, with innovative designs and coordinated layers. Each collection is inspired by the beauty and fragileness of the intimacies in our daily lives. From objects and spaces to music and imagery, each collection is influenced by our own interpretation of life in a specific moment.


Men's / Ready To Wear, Shoes, Bags, Accessories, Hats and others


ベッドフォード/山岸 慎平BED j.w. FORD / Shinpei Yamagishi

東京都渋谷区千駄ヶ谷3-8-11 第三宮廷マンション B1F-3
B1F-3 3-8-11 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051, JAPAN


2017 A/W

2017 S/S

2016 A/W

山岸 慎平

Shinpei Yamagishi

TFAへの応募動機Motive to apply to TFA


With overseas sales increasing, I had been contemplating the real question of, what happens if/when I hold an overseas exhibition? This question was my number one motive to apply.

受賞時のお気持ちHow do you feel winning the award?


I was simply happy. But after that, I felt slightly baffled at the lack of transition time between the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter seasons.

世界中にはさまざまなアワードやコンテストがありますが、その中でTFAはどのようなアワードだと思いますか。There are many different types of awards around the world. What type of award is the TFA to you?


I don't know much about awards around the world so it is difficult to say, but among all the contests in Japan, I think TFA has the most direct connection with opportunities. I think that being given opportunities, instead of just award money, is the largest merit In our profession.

TFA2015 & TFA2016 受賞デザイナーの活動などをご覧になって、どう感じられましたか。How did you feel after seeing the activities of the TFA 2015 & TFA 2016 award winning designers?


I was envious, seeing brands doing well overseas.

パリのショールームでの発表に向けて、意気込みをお願いいたします。Can we catch a bit of your enthusiasm looking towards the announcement at the Paris Showroom?


There's not a big difference in my state of mind. Whether its quality wise or price wise or from any other aspect, I simply think I should continue doing what I've always been doing.