興梠 仁 / 景子Hitoshi Korogi / Keiko

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興梠 仁(京都生まれ)/ 景子(神戸生まれ)

ROGGYKEI created by designers Hitoshi Korogi (born in Kyoto) and Keiko (born in Kobe). They worked import select shop, Street boutiques, vintage clothing store at both. They studied pattern making in Osaka Fashion Design Academy in 2004, and acquired secondary and tertiary of pattern certification.

Brand Profile

2006年 バッグ、アクセサリーの販売をスタート
2010年 衣服の販売をスタート
2011年 大阪本町にてギャラリーショップ兼アトリエをオープン
2014年 大阪中之島にコンセプトショップ兼アトリエを移転
2015年 大阪の重要文化財 ”中央公会堂” にて初の単独ショーを開催 TOKYOEYEにてパリの合同展 "TRANOI" に初参加 L'ECLAIREURとの取引が始まる
2016年 2017SSまで継続してTRANOIに参加

They started the brand in 2006, start from Accessories and bags. In 2010, they start to sale of clothing. In 2011, they opened an atelier and gallery shop in Honmachi Osaka. In 2014, New concept shop and atelier moved to Nakanoshima Osaka. First participation in trade show "TRANOI" in Paris as TOKYOEYE. It begins transactions with L'ECLAIREUR. In 2016, continues to participate until 2017SS in TRANOI.


Unisex, Men's & Women's / Ready To Wear, Bags and Accessories


ロギーケイ/興梠 仁ROGGYKEI / Hitoshi Korogi

大阪府大阪市福島区福島3-1-39 メリヤス会館B1
Meriyasu Bldg B1, 3-1-39 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka 553-0003, JAPAN


2017 A/W

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2016 A/W

興梠 仁/景子

Hitoshi Korogi / Keiko

TFAへの応募動機Motive to apply to TFA


To strengthen overseas developments. Since 80% of my collection is unisex, I've always been interested in the Paris men's term. I hope to acquire new women's buyers of course, but will also try to appeal to men's buyers.

受賞時のお気持ちHow do you feel winning the award?

大変光栄でした。受賞いただけた事大変感謝しております。 同時に、メンズ時期に発表した経験がないのでスケジュール管理、しっかりと準備を整え挑みたいと思います。

I felt so very honored. I'm so thankful for being awarded. At the same time, I've never made collection announcements during the men's term, so I intend to adjust our schedule accordingly, and prepare well towards this challenge.

世界中にはさまざまなアワードやコンテストがありますが、その中でTFAはどのようなアワードだと思いますか。There are many different types of awards around the world. What type of award is the TFA to you?


I think it is a very valuable award. For a small scale brand like ours, support for two consecutive seasons worth of exhibitions overseas, travel and hotel expenses, is extremely helpful, and we are so very grateful. And because the judges are all top buyers of major retailers, I think it is a realistic award that leads to actual sales.

TFA2015 & TFA2016 受賞デザイナーの活動などをご覧になって、どう感じられましたか。How did you feel after seeing the activities of the TFA 2015 & TFA 2016 award winning designers?


It seems that after the TFA, the direction and activities of each brand has spread, which makes us hopeful to find our own direction in the process.

パリのショールームでの発表に向けて、意気込みをお願いいたします。Can we catch a bit of your enthusiasm looking towards the announcement at the Paris Showroom?


We were able to win this award with the support of many people. In order to fully utilize this precious opportunity, in addition to strengthening existing channels, we will try to develop new markets, and work hard to announce collections filled with characteristics of our forte, which Is Japanese craftsmanship.