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Hiroaki Sueyasu


スエヤス ヒロアキ / キディル

Winner's Interview

Interview / August. 10, 2022

末安 弘明 キディル (KIDILL)







末安 弘明 キディル (KIDILL)







You’ve recently returned from Paris, after having presented your 23 S/S season, which was supported by TFA. How was this first presentation after being absent from Paris for five seasons?

Anyhow, with buyers, media, brands alike all saying, “Finally, we can get together! We can finally meet! It’s about time!”, the heat level and energy was high, and I felt, the desire to buy was extremely high. We had been communicating through ZOOM and emails, so having people actually see and touch our collection, being able to finally do business negotiations directly, there was a sense of fulfillment. We’ve gained new accounts, and in any case, I feel truly lucky to have been able to go.

末安 弘明 キディル (KIDILL)

At Paris, you presented an individual physical show and exhibited at a TFA joint exhibition. Did you feel a response?

This time, although it was in the new brand category, we were able to present a physical presentation for the first time on the first day of fashion week, during the official Paris schedule. As for the joint exhibition, the venue was established at a location extremely accessible for buyers, so in addition to buyers of our existing customers, we were able to meet with buyers invited by TFA, which I think was extremely good. Also, I was stimulated by doing an exhibition with other Japanese designers whom I usually have no contact with, and including the support system, there was a sense of working as a team, which gave me a sense of security.

This past March, you’ve participated in fashion week Tokyo for the first time in four years as the TFA award winner. How was the presentation in Tokyo?

It was a collection I had already presented in January at Paris, so at Tokyo, rather than placing weight on presenting the 22AW collection, I faced it thinking of it as a compilation of expressing the emotions and attitude I hold dear in maintaining the brand. We completely filled the stage with flowers, with collection pieces worn by members of my friend’s rock band named PSYSALIA HITO as they performed. There is chemistry between KIDILL and punk or rock music, and because we were able to express beyond the frame of fashion, our guests really enjoyed the show, and it turned out to be a fantastic opportunity.

What sort of experience has participating in the TFA program been for the brand?

We have been continuing individual presentations at Paris since 2017, but this time, participating as a part of the official Paris Fashion Week schedule, the number of contacts have increased, with an increase in new accounts, both nationally and internationally. This time, we were blessed with winning the TFA with perfect timing, just when we were hoping to expand growth in overseas markets as a brand, enabling us to receive specific overseas support, which we are truly thankful for.

Please give a message to those brands contemplating applying to TFA in the future.

As an opportunity in advancing overseas, I think TFA is an extremely effective award. Starting from here as a foothold, I think brands should utilize both success and failures to strengthen their brand.

Thank you! Finally, please tell us the things you would like to challenge, both as a brand and as a designer.

As a brand, we hope to become able to present a show expressing the fortes of KIDILL at Paris Fashion Week. Rather than simply walking along a rail laid down, we intend to challenge Paris in a way characteristic of KIDILL. Business-wise also, we intend to continue raising our level of acknowledgement surely and steadily to continue raising sales. As a designer, I’m hoping to do collaborations with corporations in effort to approach groups who are unfamiliar with KIDILL. I feel there is a possibility for aspects of KIDILL to appeal to those people with high sensibility towards fashion, who are not necessary fans of KIDILL but have a partial point of view, so I would like to challenge that.



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