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Shinpei Yamagishi


山岸 慎平 / ベッドフォード

Winner's Interview

Interview / Aug. 02, 2017

Interview by Yuki Harada
Translation by Aiko Osaki
Photography by Yohey Goto

Masayuki Ino




以前から自分たちの洋服を置いてほしいと考えていたショップとの取引が決まったり、現地のショールームから契約のオファーがあったりと、良い結果や反応も得られましたが、全体として感じたことは、自分たちが考えている以上に、BED j.w. FORDのことが知られていないということでした。日本では徐々に認知度も上がり、ブランドとしてある程度やっていける状態になりつつあったので、少しホッとしていたところがありましたが、海外では誰も自分たちを知らないことを改めて感じましたし、そこで悔しいという感情を持てたことが、自分たちにとっては非常に大きなことでした。

You’ve been presenting your collection at the Paris showroom, “”, for two seasons. What were you conscious of in presenting your collection?

We had been thinking of overseas developments, but had never had the opportunities and there were various deterrents that made us hesitate, including, above all, the language barrier. Because of the language barrier, we were aware that we probably wouldn’t be able to convey the brand fully in words as we do in exhibits in Japan, so we consciously changed some ways to approach to our collection, so that it would attract attention at one glance, and convey what we want to express without explanation. Of course, we made sure to maintain the brand’s identity and elements which we hold dear, including the silhouette and colors of the clothing, but consciously added interesting little bits and pieces here and there, just enough so the clothing would not become bizarre. Also, at the first showroom exhibition, we went in without a sure understanding of the weather in Europe, so in showing our 2018 Spring/Summer collection at the second showroom showing, we were conscious in selecting materials befitting European weather.

How was the reaction of the buyers and press that visited the showroom in Paris?

We received good reactions and results, such as landing a deal with stores that we had been hoping to work with and talking with some local showrooms, however we felt that BED j.w. FORD was still virtually unknown, more so than we had thought. In Japan, awareness of our brand had been growing steadily, and we had reached a stage at which we were confident in continuing the brand, which was a relief to us, but overseas, we faced the fact that nobody knew us. This made us feel extremely vexed, but the feeling motivated us to make a constant effort at improving the creative nature of our collections and developing strong signature motifs.

Masayuki Ino



TOKYO FASHION AWARDのプログラムに参加したことは、ブランドにとってどのような経験になりましたか。


What was your impression of the event during Fashion Week TOKYO this past March?

This was our second show in Tokyo, so as with the first time, we concentrated our efforts on decidedly expressing what we wanted to convey. I was backstage during the whole show so I couldn’t see the reaction of the guests directly, but I think we were able to express to them exactly what we wanted to. We were very thankful for being able to show our collection as a successful sophomore show, and at the Paris showroom in June, we met some buyers who came to see the collection after seeing the show on the internet, which made us very happy.

What kind of experiences did your brand gain by participating in the program of the TOKYO FASHION AWARD?

Through winning this award, going overseas, speaking with a lot of different types of people, actually feeling and experiencing the air of Europe in places like Paris and London, enabled us to form a specific image of what we needed to do from here on. As I mentioned earlier regarding European weather, there are many things that can be learned only by actually going to overseas showrooms and exhibitions. At the same time, we became more aware of our abilities as well as our limitations. Through this, we gained readiness and courage to continue our creative direction, without changing our style, and this was the most valuable reward of this experience for our brand.

Masayuki Ino



Please tell us of your future plans.

Presenting runway shows overseas has always been one of our goals, so to build up to that, we intend to continue showing our collections overseas. Up to now, we only had a vague image of the overseas shows, but through this experience, we feel that the road leading up to its actualization has become tangible. We will proceed with preparations, with the hope of realizing this aim within a year.



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