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Arashi Yanagawa


柳川 荒士 / ジョンローレンスサリバン

Winner's Interview

Interview / Aug. 18, 2015

Interview by Yuki Harada
Photography by Yohey Goto

Masayuki Ino





What was it like to present your collection for two seasons at Paris’s showroom “”?

JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN has been hosting shows and exhibitions in Paris for a while. We usually organize everything by ourselves, spanning from arranging venues and inviting buyers, and we also attend to visitors while the event is ongoing. In that regard, I spent a lot of time with other award-winning designers in these collections, which was a good opportunity for me to talk about many different topics. I rarely have the chance to interact with other designers or to take a look at clothes when I’m in Tokyo, but the showroom in Paris was inspiring in that works from other brands were showcased right next to us. This allowed me to observe firsthand my peers’ approach on product-making.

What aspects did you focus on when crafting your clothes?

I remained consistent with my previous approaches. I did not make any special changes when my brand made its way into Paris either ?I just always try to carefully articulate the concept I have in mind. That being said, JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN is a tailoring-based brand, which means our product-making is majorly impacted by figures or fits that differ from those of Japanese people. Compared to when we first advanced into non-Japanese markets, our ability to reshape sizes and patterns to address these differences has improved. The adjustments are critical in presenting our collection abroad, and this was an issue that we addressed as a next step forward for the brand.

Masayuki Ino



今年3月のMercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO 2015-16 A/Wで行った凱旋ショーには、どのような意識で臨みましたか。


How did visitors react?

With six brands taking part under the concept “Tokyo,” the collection attracted more people than usual, and a number of acclaimed multi-brand shop buyers dropped by as well. The reception varied by the characteristics of each shop, which I think was based on the variation in style rather than the country of which the brand was from. But I’ve noticed that compared to Japan, where the number of conservative-oriented shops is on the rise, markets abroad favor items with distinctive characteristics. This could be a result of circumstances associated with the media, but buyers in Japan prefer simple and easy-to-wear items whereas buyers abroad are often interested in visuals and looks from fashion shows.

This March, you presented a come-back show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO 2015-16 A/W. What kind of mindset did you have for this event?

I presented the brand’s clothes and visuals in January, so I must admit that giving another showcase of something I already wrapped up was not an easy process. This is why instead of a standard runway show, like the ones we usually present in Paris where models take turns to walk down the catwalk, I used videos and took an unconventional approach. I don’t know how this presentation was received, but engaging in a different process made a positive effect on our staff and team.

Masayuki Ino


リトゥン また海外でのショーを再開したいと考えていて、場所はパリかロンドンでできると良いですね。今、海外のPRやショールームのチームを再編成しているところで、それが整備でき次第、また何かしらの形で発表を続けていく予定です。ブランドとしては、ショーをしてみたいというのが海外進出の動機の一つでもありますので、ショーを続けていく中で、その面白さをさらに感じるようになりました。今後も自分たちにしかできない特別なもので周りを驚かせるようなショーをしたいと考えていますし、これからもさまざまな部分でチャレンジしていきたいですね。

Please tell us of your future plans.

I am planning to join shows outside of Japan again, hopefully in Paris or London. The brand is rearranging overseas PR and showroom teams at the moment, and whatever the format might be, I would like to present our work once the teams are ready. One of the reasons why we made a foray into the international market is our brand’s aspiration to take part in fashion shows, and the more shows we participated in, the more we appreciated its appeal. We plan to organize eye-opening shows by harnessing our unique and special features, and we’re ready to take on challenges in many areas.



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