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Teppei Fujita


藤田 哲平 / サルバム

Winner's Interview

Interview / Aug. 18, 2015

Interview by Yuki Harada
Photography by Yohey Goto

Masayuki Ino


今回TOKYO FASHON AWARD(TFA)を受賞し、パリで発表できるチャンスをいただけたことは、自分のようなキャリアが浅いブランドとしては、非常に幸運だったと感じています。また、今回のように信頼できるバイヤーの方々に審査していただけること自体もなかなかないことだと思いました。現地では、先輩デザイナーの方たちと色々なお話ができたことも非常に貴重な経験になりましたし、そこから学ぶことはとても多かったです。


今回TOKYO FASHON 発表の場が日本でも海外でも、つくるもの自体は同じで、特に今回変えた部分というのはありませんでした。自分が常に念頭に置いているのは、ストリートやモードなどのジャンルを意識することなく、表現したいテーマに対して、「即興演奏」というブランド名の由来の通り、予期せぬ要素を混ぜ合わせながらオリジナルの空気感を生み出していくことです。自分ができる範囲というのは決まっているので、生地屋さんや縫製工場さんなど、色々な人たちと関わっていく中で、バンドのような服づくりをしていきたいと考えています。

What was it like to present your collection for two seasons at Paris’s showroom “”?

My brand is very young, so we were very lucky to receive the TOKYO FASHION AWARD (“TFA”) and being able to showcase our work in Paris. Having reliable buyers review our creations was also a rare and invaluable opportunity. Interacting with well-experienced designers at the showroom was a wonderful experience as well, and I learned a lot by communicating with them.

What aspects did you focus on when crafting your clothes?

Regardless of where sulvam is presenting, be it Japan or overseas, the clothes that I create remains consistent and I did not change anything in particular for the showroom. What I always keep in mind is to keep my thoughts away from street, mode, or other fashion genres. By staying true to the brand name “sulvam,” which refers to improvisation, I blend unlooked-for elements and develop an original quality for the theme that I seek to portray. My abilities are limited, so I want to create clothes in a band-like process through interacting with drapers, sewing factories, and many other people.

Masayuki Ino



今年3月のMercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO 2015-16 A/Wで行った凱旋ショーには、どのような意識で臨みましたか。


How did visitors react?

The first exhibition was a good opportunity to present my collection to many different buyers, but it did not turn out well, presumably because I put excessive focus on wearability and other sales-related aspects. Looking at the reactions of overseas buyers, I noticed that many of them responded squarely to the brand’s creations. So in the second showcase, I devoted myself to portraying my ideas and made all-out efforts not to leave any regrets. This, as a result, remarkably improved the reactions from buyers, and I even managed to gain a new client. I felt that my straightforward creations were accepted, and this experience gave me a strong awareness on how important it is to maintain this approach.

This March, you presented a come-back show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO 2015-16 A/W. What kind of mindset did you have for this event?

TI initially had a lot of worries including financial aspects. I decided to present my creations as a runway show hoping to showcase my clothes with simple elements ? space, sound, and models. With the support from staff members, preparations gained momentum once I decided on the plans, and the show ended as a success. The models that took part in the show said that they would want to participate again, and the visitors seemed to have enjoyed our brand’s show as well, so I would like to continue on with runway presentations as much as possible. Delivering a show in Tokyo’s fashion week also raised the profile of my brand, and I think this was an important step.

Masayuki Ino



Please tell us of your future plans.

If my brand hadn’t been awarded with TFA, I think I would be presenting my collection now within Japan as before, and engaging in sales activities by myself. This cycle would force me to create items that are well-accepted by shops and clients in Japan, which is an issue confronted by all newly launched brands. I was lucky enough to present my works abroad, and managed to showcase a solid idea of what my collection is about; this was an extremely meaningful experience for the brand. My first and foremost issue for the future is to work to maintain my efforts, and I am planning to take my collection to Paris at all costs.



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