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Chika Kisada

Established in 2014
Chika Kisada


 幾左田 千佳 / Chika Kisada

Chika Kisada / チカ キサダ
幾左田 千佳 / Chika Kisada

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Designer Profile

幼少期よりクラシックバレエを学ぶ。コンクールなどで数々の成績を収め、バレエダンサーとして舞台で活動した後、2007年に「REKISAMI」を立ち上げる。 バレエと音楽、都市の空気をインスピレーションに、強く生きる女性のための服を製作している。

2007年 「REKISAMI」を立ち上げる。
2013年 バレエブランド「BLOCH」とのコラボレーションでシューズを製作。以後3シーズン継続して発表を続ける。
2014年 デザイナーの価値観をより強く反映したシグネチャーライン「Chika Kisada」を立ち上げる。
2016年 バレエ、ヨガウェアーブランドの「DANSKIN」(GOLDWIN INC.)との2016 CAPSULE COLLECTIONの企画とディレクションを監修。以後、CAPSULE COLLECTIONの企画、ディレクションを予定。

Chika Kisada has studied classic ballet since she was young and has won numerous awards and honors. After performing as a ballet dancer on the stage, she established REKISAMI in 2007. With the inspiration of ballet, music and the air of cities, she designs clothes for women who live strong.

2007 Establishes REKISAMI.
2013 Produces shoes in collaboration with a ballet brand BLOCH.
2014 Establishes CHIKA KISADA, her signature line, which strongly reflects her sense of value as a designer.
2016 Supervises the planning and direction of 2016 CAPSULE COLLECTION at DANSKIN (GOLDWIN INC.), a clothing brand for ballet and yoga. Chika will be in charge of planning and the direction of all follow up CAPSULE COLLECTION.

Brand Profile


[2017 Spring Summer]
Michael Clark

Established in 2014
The elegance of ballet, the energy of punk. The concept “Vital Elegance” was born by integrating contrasting images; the evanescence and the verve. It’s the signature line, which pursues the presence and the transient nature of beauty that a human body creates with its motions and movements. This line of clothing is for women who live in the city, always on the move and who seek a new kind of quality.

Michael Clark
Michael Clark is a pioneer of creating a world that came from a fusion of punk and ballet. His works are outside of the box, which are mixture of different fields such as innovative fashion, visual art, drama and ballet. The collection’s inspiration originates from how he views the world through his work. Chika represents the brand’s concept “Vital Elegance” by applying complicated and abstract images which can be simple and delicate, but give powerful energy to her designs by utilizing the texture of fabrics and adding details to patterns.


Women's / Ready To Wear and Accessories


チカ キサダ / 幾左田 千佳
Chika Kisada / Chika Kisada

東京都渋谷区幡ヶ谷1-1-2 7階
7F, 1-1-2 Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0072, JAPAN

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