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Established in 2021
anna choi


anna choi

アンナ チョイ
anna choi

Brand Official HP

Designer Profile

1992年生まれの韓国国籍を持つ日本育ちのデザイナーanna choi。ニューヨーク、日本でファッションデザインを学び、2017年に文化服服装学院在学中に神戸ファッションコンテスト特選を受賞後、特待生としてイギリスのノッティンガム・トレント大学へ留学。 卒業後、Graduate Fashion Week(GFW) で発表したオートクチュールコレクションがVogue Taiwan等業界紙へ掲載され注目を集め、メゾンから複数オファーを貰うも、自身のブランド立ち上げを志し日本に帰国。 2021AWコレクションを皮切りにブランドをスタートさせる。2023年JFW NEXT BRAND AWARD審査員特別賞受賞。またアーティストとして2022,2023年WAVE展参加するなど活動は多岐にわたる。

Anna Choi, a Korean designer born in 1992 and raised in Japan. She studied fashion design in New York as well as in Japan, and in 2017, while attending Bunka Fashion College, she won a special prize at the Kobe Fashion Contest and got to study at Nottingham Trent University in England as a scholarship student. After graduating, her haute couture collection presented at the Graduate Fashion Week (GFW) was featured in fashion magazines such as Vogue Taiwan, which attracted so much attention from this industry, and though she received offers from several fashion houses, she returned to Japan to start her own brand from 2021 AW collection. Received the JFW NEXT BRAND AWARD Special Jury Prize in 2023. She is also active as an artist, participating in the WAVE exhibitions in 2022 and 2023.

Brand Profile

​ブランド名の「HAENGNAE」は、デザイナー自身の韓国名に由来。ニューヨークの自由な表現力、日本の職人技術、ヨーロッパのオートクチュール技法、そして自身のアイデンティティを融合させ、唯一無二の洋服を展開する。 誰かに受け入れられることを目的とせず、自愛精神を含めた「愛でる」哲学を大事にし、知性や勇気を持ちながら逞しく生きる「強きロマンチスト」のためのブランドだ。HAENGNAEを身に纏うことで、夢を現実にする努力を怠らない彼らが、時には愛を、時には強さを感じてもらえるような洋服をイメージしている。 本質を愛して継承していくことに価値があり、人種や性に対して多様な考えを持ち、自身はもちろん動物自然環境に愛情を注ぐといったデザイナーの思想そのものが、「愛でる」哲学というコンセプトに繋がっている。

The brand name "HAENGNAE" came from the designer's own Korean name. By fusing elements, which is the free expression of New York, the craftsmanship of Japan, the haute couture techniques of Europe, and her own identity, she develops special / one of a kind clothing. Also, our brand is for "romantic edgy" people who do not aim to be accepted by anyone, but value the philosophy of "loving," including the spirit of self-love, and live powerfully with intelligence and courage in each of our mind. By wearing HAENGNAE, we envision clothes that will make people feel love and strength, as they never neglect efforts to make their dreams a reality. The concept of “loving” philosophy is based on the designer’s belief that there is a huge value in loving and passing on the essence of things, having diverse ideas about race and gender, and loving not only ourselves but also animals and the natural environment.




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